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Photo Ninja 1.3

Edits and converts RAW photos into JPG and TIF files
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Optimizes the RAW pictures saved on your camera by modifying their lighting, enhancing details and colors or decreasing noise and converts them into JPEG or TIFF.

Photo Ninja is a full-featured photo editor complete with image-enhancing effects and full RAW image support. This RAW conversion tool is in the professional range, up there with highly renowned tools like Adobe’s Lightroom. It offers you all the features and functions you can think of to correct and enhance your RAW images before downgrading them to more portable formats.

The program’s attractive interface shows you high-quality thumbnails of all the images in the selected folder, and an excellent-quality big-sized preview of the selected photograph. The program then displays a plethora of panels, sliders, graphs, and menus, for you to perform all the necessary color and exposure corrections, color and detail enhancements, etc. The program comes with a series of presets that you can apply to all your images at once or to a selection of them. These profiles or presets are organized in two big groups – portraits and scenic photos – which you can always edit and customize to fit your needs. You can also add new ones to the list by, for example, saving the settings you have just used in your previous photo.

These presets allow you to apply up to 20 different settings at once. These include color correction, enhancement, and recovery; exposure, contrast, and illumination; black and white filters and toning; crop, rotation, perspective, vignetting, and lens distortion values, etc. Presets can become “smart presets”, which you can then apply to large numbers of images. With Photo Ninja you can also create your own noise-reduction presets, adjust the white balance, the exposure, the level of detail, correct common lens distortion, and many other features and functions. The possibilities are endless, and the output quality is of the highest level. This will allow you to create high-end copies of your RAW files as TIFF or JPEG files without any quality loss.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Full RAW image support
  • Professional-looking interface
  • Excellent image display quality
  • Good choice of effects and filters


  • Some of the information in the interface is not correctly displayed due to space limitations
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